3 mommy dental reminders

Sending my little kindergartner off to his new “big kid” school, I am one of many moms wondering, “Where did the time go?”  It seems like yesterday I was losing sleep from midnight feedings, cutting coupons for diapers and baby-proofing the stairs. And although I miss it, I’m inspired to see my son learn new things and grow more independent. He can now dress himself, make a PB&J, even brush his own teeth (with a little supervision).

So as a mom, the question becomes: Am I setting a good example? Am I taking the time to care for my own health?

I often see frazzled moms running kids from activity to activity. Many say they don’t have time to schedule six-month cleanings or they’re so tired they fall asleep before brushing and flossing. Sound familiar? I’ve got three valuable, health-centered mommy dental reminders.

1. You are your child’s best learning example. If you take the time to brush and floss adequately each day, your little ones are sure to see you and follow suit. They’ll mirror your behavior and develop good habits, too.

2. Preventative care is the best care. Neglecting your dental health by skipping a six-month cleaning or two increases your likelihood of a dental emergency. Infections or fractured teeth are painful, expensive and take time away from the family you love or other monetary obligations you have.

3. Your kids deserve to see a healthy smile. Enough said.

As a health-centered dentist (one focused on my patients’ whole-body health, even beyond the mouth), my philosophy is prevention, prevention, prevention!  Most of us are blessed with 28 spectacular teeth we use everyday to eat, smile and speak. So teach your youngster to care for his or her precious smile and take the time to care for yours. You deserve it, mom!





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