Your health: Try starting from square one

If you’re trying to lose weight, chances are it isn’t the first time. Many dieters try for a while, never reach their original goal and often gain weight back. Whether it’s ten pounds or a hundred, starting over is hard. You have to decide you’re ready to lose weight again, clean house and have a positive attitude.

Recently, I started physical therapy for a chronic pain issue in my back and hip joints.The therapist quickly pointed out that my running form was completely wrong. I had learned from personal training and previous therapists that because my spine is fused from scoliosis surgery, my hips needed to provide stability. But turns out, that wasn’t the whole picture.

Stiffness in the trunk and relying on my hamstrings to provide most of my running force was creating havoc in my hips. The therapist taught me a new form, which provides a loosening up, of sorts. I now rotate my torso more and bring my legs around in a fuller range of motion, improving the flexion and extension in my hips and increasing the mobilization of the joints.

What works well for most people isn’t necessarily what works for me and my body, so I was having chronic problems with what should be simple exercise. Starting over was humbling, and although it took me a while, seeking help was the best thing I could have done. The therapist I’m working with says a person needs a lot of self esteem to deal with being told their way is wrong. It’s true. As a personal trainer, I would have thought my original thinking was right. When I couldn’t solve my pain issue alone, I sought help, and found my theory was totally off. To start from square one, relearning my form and posture all over again, is hard.

But the bottom line is, when something doesn’t work, you have to assume there is another way that might provide better results. Living with the process of getting better is important because learning how to be healthy is a journey, and the results should be maintainable.

Having another surgery or being in chronic pain wasn’t acceptable to me. Being overweight and unhealthy shouldn’t be acceptable to anyone either. You might have to start over, but getting the long term results will be worth it! If you’ve tried something before (or for an extended period of time) and it just hasn’t worked, switch it up. Here are a few ideas:

  • You have a gym membership but never go. Try workout DVD’s instead.
  • You’ve tried cutting out carbs but just can’t resist. Just switch to whole grain.
  • You’ve tried special diet foods. Reduce your portion sizes or leave food on your plate at every meal.
  • You’ve tried daily cardio exercise to burn calories. Replace two days of cardio with strength training to improve overall metabolism.